Talent South is a company designed to manage celebrities, artistes & talents based in Chennai, having its major focus in southern India.

Today, celebrities from various fields like the celluloid world and sports are being hired to act in Feature films & as brand ambassadors in commercial Advertisements to promote products, services, television game shows, tournaments and even social cause.   The role of Celebrities is getting extended into the real world beyond films, studios, ramps and sports grounds.  A celebrity’s participation is seen as a hook to garner the attention of the public and the media.   Simply put, celebrities are considered as powerful vehicles of communication.

Celebrity Management services range from Image Management, Celebrity brand endorsements, celebrity appearances to celebrity public relations. Celebrity events are the most glamorous events, and we at Talent South, ensure that our exceptionally valued clients get an adequate room for personal endeavors while our team of highly capable celebrity managers effectively cover all aspects of a celebrity’s hectic professional life.    We associate our client’s specific projects and with the brands they personally adore, thus making celebrity endorsements an affair defining them.

We are a professionally managed company with Ms. Suhasini Mani Ratnam at the helm of affairs with a vast network in South Indian and Bollywood films, Television, Sports and with other performing artists.  The company is ably supported by experienced & enterprising people like Mr. Gopikrishnan, Ms. Nithya, Ms. Mala Manyan & Ms. Ramya.

Talent South can help connect Celebrities to Projects and Client organization to sign-up celebrities in the areas of brand endorsement, appearances, licensing & merchandising and digital domains.  Apart from organizing star studded shows, we can also coordinate with brand/production houses/internally for celebrity shoots (Print & Television Commercials).